• District Goals

    WSSD Goals for 2016-2017

    Student Growth and Achievement:
    •             Provide equity and excellence in educational programming, in expectations of students, and in service and resource provision.  Increase achievement for all students and subgroups as measured by internal benchmarks, course summative assessments, and standardized test results.

      ·        Analyze the comparison of WSSD PSSA, Keystone, SAT, ACT, and AP performance with State PSSA, Keystone, SAT, ACT, and AP performance data encompassing a three-year period of time (13-14, 14-15, and 15-16) to identify areas in need of improvement.  Based on the findings, develop a plan that includes strategies and professional development to ensure continual improvement. 

      o   Conduct an historical comparison of data identifying participation of “historically underperforming groups” and determine if an improvement plan is needed.

      § AP Courses

      § Co-curricular activities

      o   Analyze data relative to historically disadvantaged students’ achievement in the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District

      ·        Continue the curriculum improvement cycle focusing on increased rigor, innovation in academic programming, and alignment with new State standards and emerging best practices; and maintain a high quality professional development program to further enhance teacher capacity, collaborative professional learning and instructional leadership to meet student needs and support student achievement


      Organizational Leadership:

      ·        Develop a collaborative process for reimagining WSSD’s educational program, yielding recommendations for repurposing education in the District, fostering innovation in academic programming, supporting every student’s achievement, and containing growth in District costs.

      ·        Develop collaborative processes for evaluating WSSD’s operations to ensure that best practices are being utilized by all buildings and departments. 

      ·        Crystalize and continue to implement the vision and strategies that have been developed so they confront the realities the District is facing.


      District Operations and Financial Management:

      ·        Continue efforts to close the structural deficit that exists within the General Fund Budget.  Develop a budget for the 17-18 school year that attempts to lessen the District’s reliance on the use of fund balance, is sensitive to the impact on the local taxpayer, yet will continue to provide a high quality educational program for all students. 

      ·        Continue the emphasis on long-range planning:

      o   Update and further develop the three to five year forecasting model.

      o   Develop a five year long-range facility plan that includes capital projects as well as a preventive maintenance program.

      ·        Ensure fiscal controls and accountability for all District funding, spending, and uses.


      Communications and Community Relations:

      ·        Begin a community dialogue with a focus on proactively communicating about: 

      o   The specific causes of the District’s current budget challenges

      o   The limited options available to resolve them, and

      o   The District’s intent to achieve as much community input and support as possible before making programmatic cost-cutting decisions

      ·        Establish a dialogue with state and federal elected representatives in order to better inform their education policy decisions.

      ·        Continue to promote accountability and transparency in all decision-making through ongoing communications with the WSSD community through conversation, traditional/electronic formats, use of the website, and/or social media.

      ·        Develop activities that promote the schools’ and parents’/guardians’ capacity for strong parental involvement.

    Approved by the Board of School Directors on June 27, 2016


    District Goals - Progress