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     Me at an active volcano in Guatemala

    Other Info:
    Sara Jeffries
    7th grade Life Science
    Room Number 211 in Strath Haven Middle School 
    School Phone number: 610-892-3470 xt.7211

    Please check out PowerSchool for more information on assignments. 


    Who is Ms. Jeffries?


     I grew up in Springfield, Pa and graduated from Springfield High School.
    I went to  and discovered my love for geology.
    After that I work as an environmental consultant for 2 years before starting at  where I earned a master's degree in Earth Science.
    It was during my graduate studies in geology that I realized that my true desire was to teach science, so I moved back to the east coast and earned a master's degree in secondary education from Image result for umass logo.


    What do I need for class? 

    Every day please make sure you have: 
       a pen or a pencil   
       your agenda book (school provided)
       a science binder (or a science section of a binder)
    Sometimes I assign homework, please turn it in on the day it is due because generally we will go over it that day.  
    * If you have trouble getting any of these items, please let me know.

    What will I learn?

    7th graders will be learning Life Science!

     We will be learning about the scientific method, classification of living things, cells, evolution, diseases, plants, animals, and ecology.

    How can I be successful in class? 

    It is my goal that all students will excel in science.  As I get to know you I will be able to meet you where you are and push you further.  The more you can share with me about your challenges and strengths the better I can help you succeed in this course.   

    What are your expectations of me as a student? 


    Classroom Rules


    Cooperate with your teacher and classmates.

    Respect the rights and property of others.

    Carry out your basic student responsibilities.

    Basic Student Responsibilities


    Keep track of your own assignments, agenda and belongings. 

    Start your work on time and allow time to finish.

    Ask for help when you need it by silently raising your hand.

    Do your own best work- revise when possible.

    Turn your work in on time.

    Accept responsibility for grades and other consequences.


    How do you grade?


    The breakdown of your grade is as follows: 

    45% Tests and quizzes 

    40% Labs and performance assessments

     5% Home learning

    10% Classwork


    Is there any other information I should know?

    Absent: If you are absent, you must check the website and with me when you return. It is YOUR responsibility to get and complete any hand-outs, notes, or assignments. You have the number of days you were absent to complete missed work. Labs must be made up within one week of the absence. 

    Extensions: If for some reason you need an extension on an assignment come and see me no later than the day before it is due to request one.

    Laptop number: I will assign you a number that will be your laptop number- please remember it or write it down somewhere in your agenda, so you know it.

    Website: Visit my website for extra copies of papers, review materials and more.

    Extra Help: Please set up a time to come see me after school as needed, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

    (Thanks to Ms.Locke for letting me borrow and tweak her words for this section)