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    The 1st Annual PTO "WES Caring Project" is complete! (Dec. 2012)
    This year, instead of Secret Workshop, the PTO decided to focus on giving and working as a school to give back to another community in need. The painting we used as inspiration is by Jasper Johns, and is called "Three Flags."   I re-drew the painting on big white paper, cut it up into squares, and each WES student colored in a square according to the part of the flag they were working on. Some kids had pieces of stars, and some had pieces of stripes, but when they were all glued back together at the end it fit together perfectly. We let the kids choose between crayons, markers, pastels, and glitter crayons when coloring their square to give the project some color variation and depth. Several parents helped glue it back together, namely Monica Lenart PTO representative for the WES Giving Project this year.
    We chose this painting because the flag is a symbol of our country; and as members of this country, we try to help our fellow Americans in times of need. The flag represents coming together as a whole to make things happen and, as a WES community, we are choosing to come together to show our support for a school just like ours that is in need of help. We want the school that we partner with to know we care, even though we have never met. Each student will made a small piece of a much larger version of this painting so the students at our partner school know each and every student here at WES cares about them, their school, and their community.
    Here at WES we are lucky to have a brand new school filled with brand new things and, if we lived in an area closer to the coast, who knows what situation we would be in right now. We all remember what it was like to go to school in a building that was falling apart and in need of repairs and, while we can't build a new school for our friends who live in the shore communities, we can create a piece of artwork to beautify and brighten their building and remind them that we care!

    Check out a picture of the finished project below!
    WES version of Jasper Johns "Three Flags"

    Artist in Residence 2012
     In May and June of 2012, the students of WES worked on an Artist in Residence project focusing on architecture to tie into the construction of our new school.  Together Linda Armour and Sarah Ryan developed a program using the AIA "Architecture in Education" curriculum as a guide. With the help of parent volunteers, students learned about the concept of scale, how to measure and draw to scale, how to express 3-dimensional objects in 2-dimensional form, and how to interpret floor plans. They had a chance to practice their skills in the area of scale, field measuring, and math conversions while drawing floor plans of their homes, bedrooms, and ultimately working on the floor plans of our new building. Students worked in groups to construct a model of each room in our new building. During the process they has to measure and cut out doors and windows, add floor rules, and decorate the rooms, the posters ,and miniature American flags!  The project was a great success and really helped students and faculty envision what the new WES would look like!  Please enjoy a few pictures below: