5th Grade Yearbook 2015

  • Dear parents and guardians:

    Check out the Lifetouch Yearbooks Community Image Upload Site.

    You can submit candid school photos for consideration in the yearbook.  To submit photos to the yearbook staff, go to https://community.lifetouch.comand register with the following access code:

    Access Code: GAQXFZ

    Please submit photos by January 23, 2015. (Late submissions may be considered until February 6th)

    Once registered, you will receive an email from Lifetouch with an activation link.  You must click the activation link before you can log into the Lifetouch Community Image Upload site.

    •       Upload 5 images at a time (10 mb or smaller)
    •       Enter a description for each image so the yearbook staff can easily identify what is happening in the photo.
    •       The adviser will determine which images are used in the yearbook.

    Wanted pictures:

    •       Kindergarten or First Grade portraits (I will be specifically asking for these from the students.)
    •       Field trips, talent shows, class parties, and other school events such as 1st grade Hootenany, 2nd grade Thanksgiving Pageant, 3rd grade African Dance, UN Day, Living Wax Museum, 4th Grade Envirofair
    •       Pictures with multiple students
    •       Only submit 1-2 pictures for each year
    (120 students x 2 =240, 240 x 5 grades = 1200 pictures!)

    Please do not email pictures to be uploaded.  They become digitized.  If you are not able to scan/upload the pictures yourself, please send them to school in a labeled envelope with your child’s & teacher’s names.  They will be returned once they are scanned at school.

    Thank you for all your assistance.

    Eric McElroy
    Fifth grade teacher
    Swarthmore Rutledge School
    Website:  www.wssd.org/e.mcelroy
    Email: emcelroy@wssd.org