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    Mrs. Jane Urban
    Music:  General classroom music, Fifth Grade Chorus and Select Chorus


    Please contact me with any concerns or questions about music flexible learning.  In your email please include your childs name and grade.

     Please fill out the music online learning form below!

    I would love to hear more about what you have been working on during our time away from each other! Please use this form to tell me about two things you have worked on. If you need to find the activities, go to your grade level on this webpage.   All the activities and links are there. If you have other musical activities you've been doing please be sure to let me know by writing about them in the "other" space.
    I know many of you have done more than 2 of the activities that are listed. Please check ALL that you have done and then choose your favorite 2 and tell me about those.

    I would appreciate it if you do your best to share your work by Friday May, 22nd.

    Online Learning Link: