The Office of Curriculum and Education  

    Curriculum and Instruction is...
    Rigorous when it is robust enough to challenge all  students to: 
    *think critically
    *perform in an arena of high expectations
    *seek opportunities that expand their potential beyond the standard.
    The Curriculum & Education Office exists to support teaching and learning across the District. Toward that end, this office coordinates and oversees the following:
    • Review and development of District curriculum and instructional practices
    • Review and selection of curricular and instructional resources and materials
    • Research and delivery Professional Development to staff
    • Analyze Standardized Assessment Data as it pertains to student learning outcomes


    Additonal Programming

    Curriculum & Education Department Staff:

    Dr. Denise Citarelli Jones, Director of Education, ext. 1202 



    Ashwina Mosakowski, Asst. Director of Education,




    Debbie Elias, Executive Secretary,
    ext. 1205  delias@wssd.org

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    • Future Ready PA Index -  Click Here

      The Future Ready PA Index is the new school measurement tool for communities to evaluate how schools are doing in preparing students for college, career, and community after graduation.  The live presentation of this power point is available under school board, school board meetings, agenda/minutes/videos.  Advancing through the power point in “play” mode is recommended over scrolling through the slides.

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    • Spring 2018 Summary Report of the Math Vertical Team for Equity, Access and Excellence

    The district employs a Curriculum Review Cycle to support continuous improvement and support of a high quality instructional program. As part of this process, over the course of the school year, a representative team of teachers and administrators from K-12 studied existing district practices and best practice recommendations in math. The team focused on improving alignment to the core program and responding to the district goals of equity and excellence for all students. Please see the spring report of the Math Vertical Team for Equity, Access and Excellence for a complete summary of the work and recommendations. Click Here

    • Presentation to School Board on highlights of Math Vertical Team for Equity, Access and Excellence Summary Report

    Please see attached for information about recent recommendations for improvements in instructional design and practices in math to support increased challenge for all students from K to 12. The live recording of this presentation is available in the recorded video of the board meeting on May 14, 2018. Click Here

    •  K-5 Math Parent FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

    Parents may have questions about the impact of changes related to recent instructional improvements, or about the math program itself. Please see the Parent Math FAQ for more information about K-5 math. Click Here

    • K-5 Parent Math Night

    One of the Math Vertical Team recommendations is to increase parent education about our math program and approaches to math instruction. Going forward, please check the calendar for an annual parent math night to support the critical role of parents as partners in supporting student learning. To learn more about the approach of the district's  Math in Focus program, the problem-solving opportunities, and the way the lesson design supports appropriate levels of challenge for all students, the district is hosting a Parent Math Program Information Night on May 30th from 7 to 8PM at Wallingford Elementary School. Click Here