• Computers

    Mr. Ciavola



    The goal of computer class is for students to develop their skills using common applications, such as word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and media editing. In addition, they will learn new skills, such as coding and 3D modeling. The course runs for two quarters (one semester). 

    Grading is based on an evaluation of the total number of projects and assignments accomplished by the student. Students who need more time to complete projects may visit the lab after school.   Homework is rarely assigned. Usually, projects can only be done in school. However, arrangements can be made for some work to be completed at home, if a student has compatible software. No due dates will be posted here because they vary according to individual student needs. Software used in class includes Google Earth, Windows Movie Maker, Photoshop, Scratch, Sketchup and Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Type to Learn is used for a keyboarding unit. 


    List of topics:

    Keyboarding (Type to Learn)


    Photo editing (Photoshop)

    Spreadsheets (Excel)


    My Life simulation (Word, Excel, Power Point, Google Earth)

    Movie editing (Windows Movie Maker)


    Coding/Programming (Scratch)


    3D Modeling (Sketchup)

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