• Human Resources


    The Human Resources Department's function is to ensure efficient operation of personnel support services and facilitate compliance with district policies, certification regulations, and other applicable state and federal statutes.  The Department's goal is to recruit and support a diverse staff so as to maximize the educational opportunities for all students in the district.
    Please contact any one of the individuals below for assistance.

    Ferg Abbott, Director                                                                                          610-892-3470 ext. 1401       fabbott@wssd.org

    Eieen Seichepine, Assistant Director                                                                  610-892-3470 ext. 1406        eseichepine@wssd.org

    Cheryl Sweeney Foy, Confidential Administrative Assistant                          610-892-3470  ext. 1405  csweeney-foy@wssd.org

    Donna Scales, Confidentail Administrative Assistant/ Employee Benefits    610-892-3470 ext. 1407   dscales@wssd.org

    Wallingford-Swarthmore School District
    Human Resources Department
    200 South Providence Road
    Wallingford, PA 19086
    Telephone: 610-892-3470
    Fax: 610-892-3424