• Peer Mediation 

    The peer mediation program exists to help students resolve conflict peacefully and address issues of bullying. Conflict is a part of life, and students who learn to resolve conflict in a peaceful way will experience greater happiness and well being. The strategies learned in this process will help students as they grow and develop a wider sphere of interpersonal relationships.

    A cross-representation of students from each grade level are trained as peer mediators to work with students who find themselves engaged in conflict. The mediation process involves two peer mediators working with the various parties involved in a dispute. All parties engaged in a dispute must consent to participate in the process. An adult is always present in the room where the mediation is taking place. Oftentimes, peer mediation is able to take the place of a disciplinary consequence. All mediations are confidential.

    Peer mediation is a 7-step process that enables each student involved in a dispute to be heard and to be validated. The seven steps include the following:

    Opening Statement:  The goal in this step is to put everyone at ease through introductions, the setting of ground rules, and explaining the confidentiality requirement.

    Listening To What Happened: The goal in this step is to make sure that everyone listens. It is important for the disputants to be able to share their feelings and concerns without interruption.

    Talking It Out: Students in conflict are encouraged to fully discuss the situation. Peer mediators begin to build the problem checklist.

    Finding Solutions: Mediators ask the students what each person can do and are encouraged to be balanced and real in their response.

    Writing the Agreement: Mediators write down the agreement that the students in conflict consent to.

    Closing Statement: Recognizing the important work that was done throughout this process is the focal point. Mediators remind students that everything is confidential, and they congratulate students on the mutual agreement that was accomplished.

    Wrap Up: The paperwork is completed and the agreement finalized.

    For further information about the peer mediation process, please contact your child's guidance counselor.