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    Please check out the Clubs and Activities Website for the 2020 - 2021 school year to learn all the ways to get involved at SHHS. 

    Strath Haven High School values an active and involved student community.   Students are invited to participate in an array of clubs and activities. There are over 75 student activities, clubs, musical groups, athletic teams, and student government organizations.   You can explore scholarly pursuits, special interest leisure clubs, physical wellness programs, student publications, and art, music, and drama productions.  You can also influence the direction of school policy and affect the school environment.  If you have an interest that is not included in our cornucopia of activities, simply come to the Activities Council, located in Ms. Zanoni's room (room 353/355), to pick up the necessary forms to create a new organization.  We hope that you will take advantage of the activities program, meet new friends, accept new challenges, and have a great year by getting involved.  

    Most activities are open to all students on a volunteer or sign-up basis.  Each organization provides countless opportunities for social and intellectual growth and enhances the Strath Haven High School experience. To list an activity on your activities roster, which can be included with your high school transcript, you must contribute to the group on a regular basis, and the group must meet for the full school year.