FAQs: General

  • Can my student resume sports upon returning on day 6 from isolation?

  • How do I load my child's COVID-19 vaccination information form to Power School?

  • My child(ren) is experiencing symptoms. When should I keep them home and have them tested?

  • What if someone becomes ill during the school day?

  • How are teachers aware if I want my child to remain masked?

  • Does WSSD have  portable HEPA air filtration units in the classroom and/or keep windows open when possible?  

  • Is WSSD monitoring C02 production in each classroom and in congregate settings (cafeteria etc)?   

FAQs: Mask Recommended

  • Will contact tracing continue?

  • Does the contact tracing process change when we are mask recommended?

  • How will mask-recommended affect Zoom?

FAQs: Test to Stay

  • Overview and Requirements for Test to Stay

  • Do I need to wait for results and what if my child tests positive?

  • What if I have questions surrounding participation in the program?

FAQs: Testing

  • How do I participate in Test to Stay?

  • If my child is sick at school will testing be done there?

  • Instructions for Submitting the COVID-19 In-School Testing Consent Form

  • Where can I get a COVID-19 test?

  • Will the Covid-19 testing kits like Binax performed at home by the parent be acceptable proof of negative for return to school or participation in school event?

  • What happens if a person has a positive test result?

  • What happens if a person has a negative test result?

FAQs: Close Contacts

  • How does contact tracing work?

  • Who is considered a close contact?

  • How will close contact masking requirements be monitored for returning COVID Positive students?

  • If you are deemed a close contact what is the protocol? For vaccinated? For unvaccinated?

  • How many days will a close contact have to miss?

FAQs: Isolation

  • Individuals should isolate if positive for COVID-19 regardless of vaccination status.

FAQs: Quarantine

  • What is the current quarantine guidance?

  • What activities can a student or staff member participate in while in quarantine?

FAQs: School Attendance and Zoom

  • Will any type of Zoom opportunity be available?

  • If my child is symptomatic at home, can they Zoom?

  • Can a student who has a positive COVID-19 test or been placed in quarantine for COVID-19 exposure attend class via Zoom?

  • If I keep my child home because my child is showing symptoms of COVID-19 can they Zoom?

  • Can a student who has a non-COVID-19 illness or other reason to be absent attend class via Zoom?

  • How will work be submitted for students who attend via Zoom as permitted by the Class Attendance Guidelines?