• Please use this schedule change request form. We are implementing this form due to the high volume of communication we receive about schedules at this time of year.


    Please note the following:

    1 - Please be patient. Counselors will address all of the requests, but they do not return to the building until August 30th and are participating in professional development throughout the week.

    2 - Please do not follow up the completion of this form with an email that includes the same information. Counselors will be working through all form submissions, and a follow up email will slow the response time.

    3 - In order to honor schedule requests, classes will be shifted to accommodate those requests. We cannot guarantee that the student will have the same teacher, block, or semester when making any changes.

    4 - We will not override the assigned class maximum cap to accommodate a scheduling request. We are particularly mindful of classroom spacing right now, and do not intend to unnecessarily overload a classroom.

    5 - Some academic level changes require teacher recommendation, waiver or parent/guardian communication. Please refer to the Silver Guide for more information.

    6 - We do not honor requests based on teacher preference.

    7 - You will be asked to provide the best phone number possible in case someone needs to reach out to you. Any email communication from the counselors to the student will go through the student's WSSDgmail account.