Welcome to WSSD Music!

  • It is the mission of the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District Music Department to provide every student with a variety of artistic experiences taught by a collaborative staff and supported by a culturally engaged community.

    Whether our students are in the classroom, singing with one another or learning musical instruments, the study and engagement in music enriches lives in many ways. Active music-making in school enhances the experience and appreciation of the arts; it develops the creative process; builds self-esteem and social and emotional skills; and offers a lifetime skill and provides an opportunity for lifelong learning, enjoyment, and success.

    At the heart of all music learning is the music curriculum which is linked to the Pennsylvania Arts Standards as well as the National Music Standards. These standards focus on the students’ ability to carry out the three artistic processes of creating, performing, and responding. These are the processes that musicians have followed for generations as they connect music to themselves and their communities.

    The WSSD Music Department is committed to providing access to music-making opportunities to all of our children that is diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

    If you have any questions or need more specific information about  WSSD Music Programs; please contact any of the music department members or WSSD Music Department Chair, Henry Pearlberg. We look forward to having your students actively engaged in music in school and through their lives.

    Wallingford-Swarthmore School District has been recognized annually by the National Association of School Merchants (NAMM) Foundations since 2012 as “Best Communities for Music Education.”

    2021 Best Communities for Music Education