•                                                                  Absences and Dismissals

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    Any Parents needing Green and/or Yellow Notes for Dismissal and Absences may contact Miss Johnson (ext. 4306).
    Early dismissal:  Please send a note to school with your child if he or she is to be dismissed early.

    Absences:  Parents are requested to report their child's absence by calling the school’s attendance line (610) 565-7847, anytime before 9:30 a.m. Calls are made to parents if word of an absence is not received by that time.


    Returning to school after an absence:  A written note from a parent is required upon the student’s return. Please send the note in to the child’s teacher with your child. For absences longer than 3 days, a physician’s note is required by law.


    Late arrivals:  Students arriving after 8:45 a.m. are considered tardy and must sign-in on the clipboard in the main office.

    Special transportation arrangements:  Students who will be using an alternative form of transport to leave school - such as a carpool, getting a ride with a friend, etc. - must have a note, signed by a parent, which provides specific details about the transportation arrangements.
    After-school activities:  Students who plan to remain after school (for any reason) must have a note, signed by a parent, indicating why the students will remain after school.