• Use this link to find the homework for the entire 6th grade:  


    6th Grade Homework Google Doc


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    6/4 - Final exam study guide due tomorrow!

    5/25 - Oral Exams begin on Tuesday.  Check your order on this list.

    5/21 -  Study Guide 2.2 due TOMORROW for 7th and 8th period and Thursday for periods 3 and 4.  Remember to practice your oral exam questions!

    5/14 - Gramatica B/C

    5/10 - IR homework and bring a sharpie! 

    5/9 - Bring a brown paper bag for a cultural acttivity tomorrow!  You need a sharpie on Friday!

    5/7 - Estar Study Guide due tomorrow!  Quiz on Wednesday.  Bring a brown paper bag by Thursday.  Bring a Sharpie or permanent marker by Friday.  

    4/30 - Draw a classroom with 10 different objects in it.  Remember, 5 chairs is technically one object.  Be prepared to talk about your drawing tomorrow IN SPANISH to describe the location of the objects in your classroom. 

    4/24 - Extra credit assignment due tomorrow.  Study for your quiz!

    4/23 - Gramatica A/B

    4/19 - Estar HW and finish packet pg 16 if you didn't finish in class. 

    4/18 - Vocabulario A/C

    4/5 - Complete vocabulary write out 5.1, ALL THE WORDS :)

    4/2 - Study guide due tomorrow.  Listening Test Tuesday, Written Test Wednesday. 

    3/20 - Study Guide due on Thursday.  

    3/19 - Gramatica A/C - AR Verb Tarea

    3/14 - Ar Verb Study Guide due tomorrow. 

    3/12 - AR Verb HW due tomorrow

    3/8 - Tener / Tener Que study guide due tomorrow. 

    3/5 - Finish your notes from today.  This includes the verb charts that we wrote on the back of the paper and the worksheet part of the notes.  

    3/1 - Quiz tomorrow.  Know ALL 2.1 vocabulary. 

    2/28 - Gramatica A/C HW due tomorrow 

    2/26 - Tener HW * Both Sides * Vocabulary Quiz on Friday! 

    2/21 - Telling time HW 

    2/13 - 1.  Watch the VideoEle video 2.  Complete the VideoEle Video pgs 1-6 by Wednesday

    2/12 - 1.  Watch the VideoEle video 2.  Complete the VideoEle Video pgs 1-6 by Wednesday

    2/6 - Complete our 6th Grade Mid Year Survey!  Remember, names are optional! 

    2/5 - Vocabulary Write Out #2 - Classroom Activities / Other words and Phrases

    1/31 - Vocabulary Write Out #1 - (Three Sections Time to Describe Classes).  Bring Headphones!

    1/25 - 1.2 Study Guide due on Monday.  Conversations will be presented tomorrow.

    1/24 -  Memorize your conversation lines for Friday!

    1/18 - Study for your quiz tomorrow

    1/16 - 1.2 Noun / Adj Agreement Study Guide

    1/10 - Grammar B/C noun/adj agreement due tomorrow.  Practice your oral exam questions!

    1/2 - 1.2 Tarea Conversaciones AND practice your oral exam answers

    12/18 - Indefinite and Definite Articles Study Guide - quiz on Wednesday.

    12/13 - Vocabulario A/B *both sides!

    12/11 - Indefinite and Definite Articles HW *(both sides)

    12/6 - Finish notes from today if you did not finish them in class.  

    12/5 - Vocabulary Write Out #2 all remaining words

    12/4 - Vocabulary Write Out #1 Personality and Appearance(the whole column)

    11/28 -  Study guide due tomorrow.  1.1 Packet due on 12/1.  

    11/27 - 1.1 Study Guide due Wednesday

    11/16 - Ser Quiz Study Guide.  Pronouns Mini Quiz tomorrow. 

    11/15 - Ser and Subject Pronouns HW

    11/14 - Practice your conversations.  Remember you are presenting Monday or Tuesday.  Pronouns mini quiz on Friday. 

    11/13 - Finish Pronouns Direct Instruction Packet from today (worksheet #2 and subject pronouns).  Begin practicing your conversation.  We will present these next Monday and Tuesday. 

    11/9 - Study for your gustar quiz!  Use the study guide that we corrected in class.  You can also use ClassZone to take a practice quiz or use the gustar Quizlet posted on the Quizlet section of this website.  

    11/8 -  Gustar Study Guide  and bring colored pencils.

    11/2 - Gustar and Pronouns HW.  Quiz tomorrow.  Know your vocabulary!  

    10/31 - Gustar HW and finish notes from today if you didn't finish them in class.  Practice your Quizlet 1.1.  Remember you have a quiz on Friday. 

    10/30 - Practice Quizlet 1.1

    10/25 - Vocabulary Write Out #2 (whole right side column).  Remember to follow the vocabulary write out procedures. 

    10/24 - Bring earbuds / headphones for a webquest tomorrow.  Your story board is due tomorrow. 

    10/23 - Vocabulary write out #1 "Talk about Activities" - entire section.  Remember to follow the vocabulary write out guidelines that we talked about in class.  Weather story board due Wednesday 10/25.

    10/19 - Preliminar workbook due tomorrow.  Use your study guide to study for the test!  Bring $1 by TOMORROW for a cultural craft!

    10/17 - Study Guide due Wednesday for Comets and Thursday for Astros.  Bring $1 by Friday for a cultural craft!

    10/16 - Study Guide due Wednesday for Comets and Thursday for Astros.  Practice your conversations tonight!  You will present tomorrow!  Bring $1 by Friday for a cultural craft!

    10/12 - Bring $1 by next Friday for a cultural craft. 

    10/10 - Preliminar Vocab Quiz #2 Study Guide

    10/5 - ¿Qué día es hoy? HW due tomorrow.  Story board due tomorrow. 

    10/4 - Saludos y Despedidas Story board due on Friday 10/6

    10/2 - Vocabulary Quiz Study Guide

    9/27 - Saludos y Despedidas HW.

    9/25 - Vocabulary write out #1.  "Greet people and say goodbye".  Remember to follow the vocabulary write out procedures that we talked about today in class. 

    9/19-  Study for your countries quiz!  There are some great resources available on the Preliminar section of the website to help you. 

    9/18 - Complete your ¿De dónde eres? HW - Please note, there are more pages in this file than what you recieved in class.  Just complete the last two pages. 

    9/14 - Label your Countries Map.  There is a labeled map on the "Units of Study - Preliminar" page. 

    9/13 - Practice using the website.  Specifically, practice logging into ClassZone, Linguascope, and Quizlet.  These resources are here to help you.  

    9/11 -  Classroom Commands HW

    9/5 - Expectations Letter and Facebook Info Page are due Friday.










    Upcoming Assignments

    Estar Quiz 5/9

    Ir Quiz 5/18

    2.2 Listening Test 5/24

    2.2 Written Test 5/25

    Final Oral Exams 5/29-6/4

    Final Exam 6/7



    Midterm Oral Exam Question Practice