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    The Trumpet of the Swan, by: EB White, Summary by: Hope Hernandez:



    The Trumpet of the Swan is about a boy named Sam and a swan (named Louis) who is mute. Sam and his father own a farm in Montana. Every summer they go to Canada for a camping trip. Sam's mom doesn’t go on the camping trip, she stays home. On one of their trips, Sam find two trumpeter swans that have eggs. One of their chicks (whose name is Louis) is mute (being mute means that you can not talk). The swan that is mute wants to be able to communicate with his family and friends, so he finds Sam in Montana and somehow gets the message to Sam that he wants to go to Sam’s school. He learns how to read and write, and goes back to his family. They don’t understand him. Louis finds someone he loves during mating season, but he can’t seem to get her attention. Louis’s dad attempts to steal Louis a trumpet, so that he can win over his love. You have to read to find out if Louis' father survives and succeeds, and if Louis finally wins over his love.   image


    Whatever After, By: Sarah Mlynowski, Summary By: Hope Hernandez:




    This book is about two kids who are siblings (brother and sister), the sister’s name is Abby and the brother’s name is Jonah. They just moved and they were down in their basment and they by accidentally hit the mirror a couple times. A second later they saw a tower… They were in Sleeping Beauty's world! They help her avoid getting priked by the spindle. You have to read to find out if Abby and Jonah get back safely and if their parents notice their disappearance.


     Other Recommended Books:

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