• Circle of Gold by Candy Dawson Boyd

    Guided Reading P

    (85% Accuracy – 62 errors)


        Toni XXXX guided them down the XXXX to the XXXX.  Expecting some XXXX hole, Mattie was surprised to see wide XXXX and even some smaller XXXX of flowers. 

        “Come on, I know where your XXXX is,” said Toni, XXXX her way through the XXXX of clothes.  “What do you want to get?” she asked.

                “I don’t’ know?  I don’t want to get XXXX.  This is Mom’s XXXX.”

                “Maybe a XXXX of XXXX, or a pair of XXXX and a skirt will XXXX your mother.  How much money did she give you?”

                “Ten dollars.”

        “Mattie, tell the truth.  Your mom would never send you out XXXX for XXXX with only ten dollars.  How much?” Toni repeated XXXX.

                “XXXX dollars, but I can’t spend it all.”

                “XXXX plus the five I owe you.  Here it is,” said Toni.

                “No.  You might need it,” Mattie XXXX.

                “Then I’ll earn some more.  Here, now I don’t owe you.  Thanks for not charging XXXX.” Toni laughed.

        “I’ve been XXXX too, but I can’t think of anything XXXX to give Mama.  She doesn’t want anything but I have to make her see--”

                “See what?” XXXX at one of her XXXX, Toni held up a XXXX she had taken off the XXXX. 

                “Just make her see that we should XXXX Mother’s Day,” Mattie finished, XXXX.

                “If you go home XXXX any new clothes, she’s going to XXXX on you.  Come on, I can’t shop if you won’t XXXX.”

        XXXX, Mattie XXXX to try on some clothes while Toni XXXX over the floor for XXXX.  She had the XXXX of a born shopper.  After an hour and a half of hard work, Toni was XXXX.  She had found Mattie a light blue T-shirt, a yellow XXXX with blue flowers on it, a XXXX of yellow XXXX that had some torn XXXX, and a navy blue cotton skirt.  Only thirty-two dollars!  Mattie couldn’t XXXX how much they had XXXX, and how good the clothes looked – not thin and XXXX like the clothes in XXXX’s XXXX Store on 63rd Street.  Mattie felt XXXX in spite of herself.  She XXXX at Toni.

                Toni smiled back, joy XXXX over her like too much root beer in an ice cream float. 

        Mattie XXXX down.  The dark brown XXXX letters on her shopping bag stood out XXXX, XXXX that she was carrying XXXX from XXXX’s.  Mattie couldn’t wait to get home and try the clothes on all over again.  Toni had worked out four different XXXX of XXXX and they all looked good.  Mattie XXXX that Toni was XXXX XXXX! (427 words).