Extended School Year (ESY) are services provided to eligible students beyond the typical school year.

    Summer 2020 Extended School Year information can be found by clicking here!

    The following bullets provide additional information related to the ESY process within the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District.

    • Extended School Year Services (ESY) may be discussed at your child’s annual IEP.
      • If the determination for ESY is not completed at the annual IEP, the special education casemanager will contact you regarding the data collected and your child’s eligibility by February 28th.
    • If your child is eligible, the casemanger will discuss the services being recommended for ESY. If your child is eligible for ESY, a Notice of Education Placement (NOREP) will be provided that further identifies the services being recommended. 
    • If a child is newly identified as a student eligible for Special Education services, the team may need additional time to gather the appropriate data to determine eligibility.
    • Information specific to the programs (medical forms, transportation forms, etc.) will start to be distributed in April/May.
      • These forms should be returned to the director of the program.
    • Transportation will reach out to you directly a week or two prior to the start of the program.
      • They will provide information such as location and time your child’s pick-up and drop-off.
      • Please feel free to contact them with any changes to location. After the summer program begins, please share any changes with the summer program director.   
    • Specific questions related to your child’s eligibility and recommended program can be shared with the special education casemanager. If you have questions after the end of the school year, you may contact the building principal, summer program director or Jean Solecki, Supervisor of Special Education.
    • Click HERE for additional information about this year’s schedule. Contacts and schedules for 2019-2020 have been updated.  Please keep in touch with your casemanager.