We need you to use your talents to be a mentor to an incoming 6th grader.


    Mentoring Mondays


    Mentoring Mondays



    I would like to attempt to break the cycle of our special education population becoming too dependent on their teachers and other adults in their lives.  I would like to see our students become more independent and confident.  Advocating for themselves and their peers academically and socially would be a by-product of this opportunity. Keeping our SHMS mission statement in mind:  Honoring the developmental uniqueness of young adolescents, we at Strath haven Middle School aim to provide all students with a comprehensive education that empowers them to be responsible and confident learners. We will cultivate the potential in every student to achieve personal success and to contribute responsibly to the school community and society at large. By providing engaging and diverse opportunities both inside and outside the classroom, we strive to develop students who are capable of clear and sound reasoning as they prepare to enter high school.

    Project Goals:

    1.      Encourage our special education students to reflect on their own strengths. This can be done after each marking period.

    2.      Empower our special education students to feel that they can help someone else and be a leader to an incoming 6th grade special education student.  

    3.       Those receiving the mentoring as a 6th grader will want to be a mentor in 7th and 8th grades.

    Project Steps:

    1.       During the 4th MP, I will speak with all of our current 6th gr. students in LS, AS and ES programs about this program.

    2.       Have all students take a Skills/Strengths Inventory.

    3.       Any interested candidates should complete an application listing their areas of strength and have a teacher, guidance counselor or principal and parent sign form.

    4.       Return it to Mrs. Hirt and I will have a “bank” of mentors for next year.


    The program will begin the first Monday in October once incoming 6th grade needs have been established and matches have been made.  Mondays from 2:30-3:00 after school will be our meeting times.


    Hopes:  I hope that this could be the beginning of a larger mentor program in the building.  A conscious and purposeful reflection of individual strengths and use of our talents and gifts here at SHMS for larger “good.” I hope that starting with next year’s 7th grade mentors working with the incoming 6th graders will grow into having mentees becoming mentors.