• The Zach Rufo Habitat Garden


    Begun as an Earth Day project in May of 2010 between the cafeteria and football field on the Strath Haven Middle School campus, the garden was designed with the help of Bryn Richard, landscape architect with Blue Trillium, the Green Fund from the community of Swarthmore, and the Chester Ridley Crum Creek Association of Delaware County.
    Four consecutive sixth grade classes planted this garden, each year expanding its size.  In 2012, the garden was dedicated to the memory of 6th grader, and class of 2018 member, Zach Rufo. 
    Ever since, the garden serves as place of reflection, and provides a unique opportunity for students to combine the serenity of the outdoors with schoolwork.  As of 2017, vegetables were planted by teacher Chris Sparks.  A wide variety of birds and pollinating insects call this garden their home come the Fall, Spring, and Summer.  We consider this a valuable learning resource.
    The Early Years 2010 - 2013
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