• Welcome to Rainbow Ukulele!  You will be earning rainbow colors as you progress from songs starting with 1, 2 and finally 3 chords.

    Here are the songs listed by color:


    WHITE  Bow Wow Wow,  F chord 

    YELLOW  Skip to My Lou  F and C7 chords

    ORANGE  choice between Polly Wolly Doodle, Michael Finnigan or Paw Paw Patch F and C7 chords

    GREEN  A Ram Sam Sam  F and C chords

    PURPLE  choice of One Bottle of Pop or Do your Ears Hang Low F and C chords

    BLUE  choice of Mary Had a Little Lamb, Ticket a Tasket, or He's Got the Whole World  C and G7 chords

    RED  choice of Kum ba Yah, Twinkle Twinkle, This Old Man C, F and G7 chords

    BROWN  choice of Oh When the Saints, Muffin Man or Old Macdonald, C F and G7 chords

    BLACK  Choice of Pease Porridge Hot, Oh Susanna, On Top of Old Smokey, Peace Like a River or Amazing Grace  C, F and G7 chords


    link to music