• Thimble Team Project 

    Goal: With your team, you will create a 3-6 page website about yourself using your Autobiography.  Each splash page must have a paragraph about yourself and pictures that represent you.  Your pages should link to one another.


    Team Website Requirements:


    1. Consistency among all pages
      • Placement
      • Font and Color
      • Background Color
    2. Navigation- table running across the top
    3. November/March team leaders are the index page
    4. Usage of the following tags:
      • Title
      • H1
      • Img src
      • A
      • HREF
    5. 3 pictures representing your Autobiography

    You will need the following tabs open in order to complete the project:

    • My Page Thimble Team Project
    • Thimble-Sign In
    • Code Hs-for reference
    • Autobiography
    • Color Combos

    Turning in Procedures:


    1. Project Managers, publish your team project.
    2. Go to google classroom, add link to the assignment labeled team thimble project