Genius Hour

    Welcome to Mr. Miller's Genius Hour Page


    Genius Hour is going to be GREAT!

    You get to choose what you want to learn about!

    You get to choose how you want to present it!

    The only requirements are:

    1. You project must be on something you are passionate about.
    2. You must research it and document your research.
    3. You must present it to your class.

    We will be working on Genius Hour about once every 1-2 weeks.  We will have time in class and in the library.

    Our plan is to present these projects sometime in late February/Early March.


    Genius Hour Project video. 


    Click here for the Genius Hour Assignment.


    Click here for the Genius Hour Project Topic form.


    Genius Hour Rubric - students will fill this out after presenting.


    Library Research Resources - all of  these resources are reliable and most have the citation in MLA format done for you.


    Noodle Tools - where you keep track of all of your sources in MLA format.


    Biteable - a web based video presentation option.


    Pow Toon - a web based presentation option with automatic transitions.


    Animoto - a web based video presentation option.


    Prezi - a web based presentation option.


    Google Slides - free, auto saving, web based presentation option.


    MySimpleShow -  free web based video presentation option.