Challenge by Choice 

    Skiing levels  
    At Strath Haven Middle School, we have a program called "Challenge by Choice." This program allows students to choose an assignment that most meets their educational needs.  When a student chooses Green Circle or Black Diamond, it will be noted in the portal.

    There are three levels:

    • Green Circle: This level of assignment provides the most support on a given assignment. Your classroom teacher must approve the election of Green circle before completing the assignment.
    • Blue Square:  This level of assignment is the grade-level assignment. Blue square will not be noted in the portal since it is meeting the grade level expectation.
    • Black Diamond: This level assignment is the challenge level assignment.  These assignments will truly challenge you to use the skills that have been taught, but are doable for any given student. All students are encouraged to try black diamond assignments. 
    Please note:  Seventh grade offers an enriched language arts class. You must take black diamond level assignments throughout the year in order to have the opportunity to qualify for enriched in 7th grade.