• Ms. Gillespie

    8th Grade Physical Science

    jgillespie@wssd.org       Room: C308

    Physical Science contains two areas of study, chemistry and physics. Active student involvement with the materials and activities is an intrinsic part of student success.

    Topics covered

    - Scientific method                                            - Metric measurement

    - Periodic table of elements                             - Energy

    - Physical and chemical properties                  - Atoms, elements, mixtures and compounds

    - Chemical reaction                                           - Physical and chemical changes                  

    - Types of electromagnetic energy                  - Structure of matter

    - Newton’s laws of motion                                - Properties of fluids                           

    - Simple machines, compound machines and mechanical advantage


    • A section of a binder, trapper, or a folder to bring back and forth
    • Your student agenda book
    • Loose-leaf paper/ notebook
    • Box of pencils, container of disinfecting wipes, or box of tissues (will be collected)


    Each marking period, your grade will be based on performance on lab reports, tests, quizzes, projects, homework and classwork assignments. Each assignment will be worth a fixed number of points. Your grade will be determined by dividing the number of points earned by the total number of possible points.

    Homework assignments may be turned in the next day but will earn partial credit. Points equivalent to a lower letter grade will be subtracted from larger assignments (projects and labs) for each day late.

    Absences and Extra Help

    Please set up a time to come see me after school as needed, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. If you are absent, you must check the website and with me when you return. It is YOUR responsibility to get and complete any hand-outs, notes, or assignments. You have the number of days you were absent to complete missed work. Labs must be made up within one week of the absence.