• ¡Bienvenidos a la clase de español!


    Use this page to get you started off on the right foot for the 2017-2018 school year!



    General Expectations

    Arrive on time and prepared for class with your necessary materials and a positive and productive attitude.  

    You must have your Spanish Binder and a pencil with you every day.  If you are someone who benefits from highlighting or color coding your notes, you may bring those materials with you if you choose to.  We will almost always be using pencil.  



    As productive learners, we keep an organized Spanish Binder.  Your Spanish Binder has five sections that are separated with a divider.  The sections in your Spanish Binder are (in order) Grammar, Vocabulary, Workbook, Class Notes, Homework.  

    Grammar:  Your purple grammar sheets should go in this section

    Vocabulary:  Your vocabulary handouts will always be GOLD color.  Your vocabulary handouts are stored in the Vocabulary section of your binder. 

    Workbook:  You will recieve copies of your Spanish workbook at the beginning of each unit.  We will use our workbook throughout the unit as practice.  It is essential that your workbook is in your binder at all times.  

    Class Notes:  Classnotes are used for direct instruction will be printed on WHITE copy paper.  Use your classnotes as a guide for your continued understanding and application of the Spanish concepts.  Other materials that you receive in Spanish class such as group practice or conversations will be stored in the classnotes section of your binder.  

    Homework:  Homework assignments will be almost always be printed on BLUE paper.  Occasionally homework assignments will be sourced from the workbook or elsewhere, in which case they will not be blue.  



    Homework will be written on the white board, and distributed in class.  Homework will also be posted on the website.  You are strongly encouraged to have a homework buddy, who you can text or call in the event that you are confused about homework.  

    Homework is due IN CLASS on the day it is due.  That means that if your homework is in your locker, it doesn't count.  Homework is worth 5 points and is usually graded for completion and effort (5 points for completed homework, 2.5 points for half compelted homework, 0 points for missing or forgotten homework).   

    When there is not official homework, you should practice your Spanish in some capacity for 5-10 minutes.  This means that you could use Quizlet, play a game on the Duo Lingo app, watch Spanish TV, listen to Spanish music, teach your Spanish vocabulary to your brother/sister/parent, look up new Spanish words for everyday items, etc. 



    • Please use the online version of the textbook as frequently as you can.  Use your unique class login to access the textbook. 
    • Use quizlet to study your vocabulary words.  There are many useful games that you can use to help reinforce new terms.  There is also an app available to access quizlet from your cellphone.  It is helpful to have your own login for quizlet so you can track your performance. 
    • We will be using iPads frequently in Spanish class.  You will be assigned an iPad number.  You will only use the iPad assigned to you and you will refer to the posted iPad expectations if you have any questions regarding the use of your iPad. 


    Tests and Quizzes

    Tests and Quizzes will be communicated in advance, both on the white board and on Homework webpage under "Upcoming Assignments".  I am available after school Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to help you prepare for these assessments if you need help, extra practice, or even have a brief question.    

    You can retake a test or quiz if your grade is below a 70%.  You have two weeks to retake the test after it is returned to you. 

    What is an exit ticket????  An exit ticket is NOT a test or quiz.  Exit ticket grades are input into a different grading category.  Grading exit tickets is important because it helps you see where you are succeeding and where you might need help in a certain topic.  If you perform poorly on an exit ticket, you can retake up to 3 days after it has been passed back for an improved score.  



    Students:  As a middle school student you are expected to communicate your needs with your teachers!  If you don't understand a concept, if you have a question, if you need help or have a general concern we are always here to help.  You are responsible for staying after school, asking a quesiton, or communicating a concern!  

    Parents:  Use the Remind101 app to stay up to date on tests, quizzes, and assignments.  You can send me a text message through this app if you have a brief question, comment, or concern.  Always feel free to email me.