• FCA Reference Sheet

    Conventions Rule


    All proper nouns and first word in sentences begin with a capital letter. No other words begin with a capital letter.


    They’re/ their/ there are used correctly.

          They’re- they are

          Their- to show possession

         There- pronoun/to show place



    Affect/effect are used correctly.

         Affect- used as a verb in most cases

         Effect- used as a noun in most cases


    Simple Sentences include:

         A subject (who or what the sentence is about)

         A predicate (what the subject is doing)

         A complete thought

    ·         If the sentence is missing any of the above, it is a fragment!



         Sight- anything that pertains to vision

         Site- location


         You’re- you are

         Your- shows possession

    Run-On Sentences and fragments

    Run-on- two sentences put together.

    Fragment- a sentence missing either the subject/predicate/complete thought.

    The use of signal phrases and citations to support a stance.


    According to “Zoo Captivity,” the author states, “Today, the Bronx Zoo is considered one of the most advanced and environmentally responsible in the world” (Steinburg).

    Subject/Verb agreement

    Simple subject= simple verb (usually ends in “s”)

    Jack walks to the store.

    Plural subject = plural verb (usually does not end in an “s”)

    Aidan and Ashley can run a 7 minute mile.

    Singular indefinite pronouns as subjects = singular verb (each, either, neither, somebody, someone, something, anybody, anyone, anything, nobody, no one, nothing, everybody, everyone, everything)

    Either Joseph or Jenny is going to take me home.

    Each of the apples was rotten.