• Course Placement Criteria for 7th or 8th Grade English/Language Arts (2015-2016)

    • In the Wallingford-Swarthmore School District, our goal is to provide an appropriate learning environment for each student.  Placement is a careful consideration for all students with the intent of maintaining the integrity and rigor of the advanced level courses and providing appropriate challenge for students.  In response to the standards-based initiative in Pennsylvania, the English/Language Arts department, along with building and district administration, has established criteria for placement into the advanced level English/Language Arts course in seventh through ninth grade.  The criteria reflect the rigor of the Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards with respect to the critical reading and writing skills necessary for success in these challenging courses. 

      Teachers will submit the placement in late January and continue to monitor students for potential shifts in essential reading and writing skills.  In cases where it is deemed appropriate, changes may be made to the initial placement.  The following data sources will be used for placement into the advanced level courses indicated for each grade.  A listing of specific skill expectations in reading and writing can be found on the middle school Language Arts webpage as well as the Curriculum webpage.

      6th grade to 7th grade Enriched:

      ·     Benchmark Assessment Data

      ·     Writing portfolio of common assessments (see skill expectation document)

      ·     Student choice in his/her independent reading and reading logs (see skill expectation document)

      ·     Minimum of 90% score on all Black Diamond level writing assignments