• Maya Angelou  
    In sixth grade Language Arts, students hone their skills as thinkers and readers and learn how to utilize those practices on the other side of the pen. Students complete daily writing about reading tasks in addition to long-term written pieces (developed over the course of 2-3 weeks in class utilizing our lessons) and cold write assessments (brainstormed, drafted, revised, and published in a 90-minute block to assess students' independent abilities on written tasks). Students learn writing through multiple modalities, including explicit writing instruction, studying exemplar and mentor texts, and workshopping their writing pieces with myself and their peers. Most of the students' writing is completed in school and remains in a portfolio throughout the year.
    Over the course of the year, students will write:
    • Long-Term Essays:
      • Personal Narrative 
      • Persuasive Essay
      • Literary Essay
      • Expository Essay
      • Research-based Argumentative Essay
    • Cold Write Assessments
      • Baseline Personal Narrative
      • End of Unit Personal Narrative 
      • End of Unit Persuasive Essay
      • End of Unit Literary Essay
      • End of Unit Expository Essay
    Checklists and rubrics will be provided to students for each essay throughout the year.