• Birthdays (and half-birthdays if your child has a summer birthday) are exciting days for children, and they are one of my favorite things to celebrate throughout the year.  Per school board policy, children can no longer bring in food for birthday treats; however, you are welcome (but not required) to celebrate your child's birthday in other ways.  See below for classroom-approved suggestions!

    1) Birthday Book - You may donate a book to the classroom library and be the first to share it with the class!

    2) Birthday Sign - Bring in something the rest of the class can sign for you (shirt, tote bag, pillow case, stuffed animal, beach ball, etc.).  For cloth items, please send in fabric markers.

    3) Birthday Show and Tell - You can make a poster all about you and share it with the class.  Bring along some of your favorite things to share, too!

    4) Birthday Favor - You can bring in a non-food item to distribute to the class.  Favorites have been fancy pencils, erasers, small notepads, pencil sharpeners, stickers etc.