• Volunteer Application Form 

    Volunteers at NPE: There has been changing legislation handed down from the state concerning volunteers at school.  In some cases, state clearances may be needed to assist in school activities. Many parents have already had to acquire clearances to assist with coaching, boy/girl scouts, or any of a number of other youth related activities.  I will have a few remarks at Back to School Night next Tuesday evening about volunteers, but I will try and make it as easy as possible now.  There is a link on the WSSD site under 'Departments', which will provide parents/guardians all of the info needed as well as links to the sites for the two/three clearances that are required.  (The FBI fingerprinting may be waived if you have lived in PA for 10 consecutive years.)

    IF you plan to volunteer at NPE in any of the following areas, then you need only complete the volunteer form (attached).  NO Clearances will be required to volunteer in these areas.  You can write in all of those areas that you plan to volunteer on one form rather than completing a different form for each activity.

    - Library Aide

    - Guest reader/speaker

    - Classroom parties

    - Writer's Workshop (Kindergarten)

    - May Fair

    IF you plan to volunteer to chaperone a trip this year, then you will need to complete the volunteer form.  This will be supplied by teachers once a parent has been selected for a particular trip.  Many of the trips do not require clearances, but there are certain trips for which clearances will be required.  They are as follows:

    Philadelphia Zoo Trip (K)

    Tyler Arboretum (2)

    Williamsburg (5)