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    As your child's teacher, I believe we have an opportunity to create a dynamic partnership that will enable success for each unique student. Some ways that have been successful in the past for parents to assist their children with Language Arts at home include:
    1. Encourage reading and writing. Make reading time sacred and be sure that students have the opportunity to complete their reading each day in a quiet, uninterrupted setting. Additionally, any possible access to books can spark interest in students. Taking trips to the bookstore, browsing online, and visiting the public library are all activities that students have excitedly reported to me when they return to the classroom.

    2.  Within reason, respect students' independence in book selection. Students' interests may be expanded to new authors and genres and the sense of control they feel over their reading lives is essential to continue their emerging curiosities. Allow and encourage students to try new books that they may not have attempted in the past.

    3. Share in your students reading and writing. Students may not be willing to discuss all aspects of their reading and writing lives, but by developing conversation around their current reading, we all build their reading community in a way that expands their world and ideas. Questions that will align with our work in the classroom will surround character emotions, traits, and patterns, themes in literature, and relevant real-world issues that our books force us to question and consider. 
    Please contact me at any point during the school year with questions, concerns, or to discuss your child's progress. Again, the cooperation between home and school is essential for student success and I look forward to developing a strong network with you!