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WSSD iPad Onboarding

To get started using a WSSD iPad in the classroom, WSSD teachers must first review the following instructional videos and information to complete the iPad onboarding process with a building technical support specialist. 
Complete training in the following order:
 Step  Items to Watch/Read
 Step 1  Tour of iPad Website (video) 
 Step 2  Getting to Know iPads
 Step 3  How to Create a WSSD Apple ID (video)
 Step 3b  How to Transfer a WSSD Apple ID (video)
 Watch only if transferring a WSSD iPad from one staff member to another
 Step 4  WSSD App Request Process (video and web page)
 Step 4b  Installing Paid Apps with Meraki (video) 
 Watch only if your apps are installed by Meraki (just ask your TSS if this pertains to you).
 Step 5  Mirroring an iPad on a Projector with Reflector and AirPlay (video)