• The iPad as a Presenter Tool
    Sharing what's on your iPad can make for an engaging, collaborative lesson or can simply be another means to share educational content with your entire class for demonstrations, practice, and more.
    Projecting an iPad screen is known as "mirroring." Around WSSD, we use a desktop program called Reflector. Reflector works with an iPad function called AirPlay that allows one or more users to display their screens at once. 
    If you do not have Reflector installed on the teacher desktop computer in your room, please email helpdesk@wssd.org. 
    Click here to download directions - Mirroring Your iPad Using Reflector and AirPlay

    Tips for Using Reflector
    Here are some general tips for using Reflector:
    • Set your Auto-Lock to never while teaching so that the iPad doesn't fall asleep while you are teaching. You will find this in Settings>General>Auto>Lock.

    • Lock the orientation (portrait or landscape) while teaching so that the iPad screen is stable no matter how you move the device. You will find this quickly by swiping up to reveal the Control Center and tapping on the lock icon.

      Orientation lock

    • Turn your notifications off so calendar events or other pop-ups don't appear in the middle of your lesson.

    • Reflector will share the audio and video output of your iPad with our computer, so make sure all sound controls have been activated on both devices if you want it to be heard by the class.

    • PASSWORD: Reflector opens your computer up to ANYONE who wants to share his/her iPad screen. To avoid any unwanted or unintentional screen sharing, set a password. See the directions above.

    • Launch Reflector in full screen mode to only see the iPad and avoid distractions.