• Workflow on the iPad
    Workflow is a classroom process that includes the distribution of assignments, retrieving student work, providing feedback, checking revised work, and the loop created by these interactions between students and teachers. Typically, this involves teachers handing out stacks of papers, students completing those assignments, and turning them in for grading and feedback.
    In a virtual, electronic, or digital environment, the process remains the same but the tools utilized change. Students can easily maintain a copy that can be accessed from anywhere using the Internet. They can collaborate on and contribute to an assignment collectively, like a discussion thread or shared document for brainstorming.

    Using My Classes from ClassLink/LaunchPad 
    Using the ClassLink/LaunchPad module, "My Classes" teachers can collaborate and deliver instructional resources to students anywhere, at anytime using an internet browser or iPad app. With features that allow you to post entire lessons, and to electronically collect student work on the iPad, managing the workflow is much easier.
    Here's a look at the main features and how they can be used to manage student workflow from a computer or tablet:
    Tool   Classroom Use
    DiscussionsAsk students discuss a question, document, or video. Add a poll, whiteboard, or lesson for collaboration. Create separate discussion post for specific subgroups of students.
    LessonsCreate an entire assignment that includes text, videos, links, images, whiteboards, and more. Organize units by folders.
    AppsCreate a custom cloud desktop for each class/group with links to relevant online apps, tools, and more.
    AssignmentsCollect student work electronically and provide feedback.
    Calendar   Maintain calendar for each class/group.
    If you want to learn more or don't have a ClassLink account, click on one of the following links:


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