• Expectations for Students Use of the iPad
    Please review the list of suggested expecations for students using iPads so that you are aware of what we ask of them in accordance of the WSSD Acceptable Use Policy. Add or modify as needed for your classroom.

    Recommendations for Teachers

    Recommendations for

    1. Students should only use the iPad that has been assigned to them by their teacher – for the duration of the use of the iPad cart. * This will increase student ownership and therefore accountability of the device. It also helps with managed student content saved to the device.

    1. Teachers should assign an iPad to each student to be used daily for the school year.

    2. Students should return their iPads into the designated cart slots at the end of each period.

    2. Teachers should talk to students about being courteous to their fellow students with whom the device is being shared (conceivably there could be 8 or 9 students sharing the same device). For example, students should not be changing the wallpaper image as it’s hard to know who could be offended.

    3. Students should NEVER log into the iPads with a personal Apple ID from home. 


    3. Continuously reiterate that students should be aware that their personal content stored on the iPad could be viewed, modified, or deleted by other students.

    4. Students should NEVER add their school or personal email accounts to the iPads.  

    4. Teachers, please be sure to LOCK up the iPad cart and that all iPads have been safely returned to their designated cart slot. 

    5. Students should not move or delete any apps on the iPad.


    6. Students should not change the settings on their iPads or download new updates. Any changes may send an alert to the Technology department.


    7. For any app or website that requires students to log-in, they should LOG OUT after use.



    Daily Expectations for Students
    1. Use the iPad for school-related activities only.
    2. Keep electronic communication school-related.
    3. Keep the iPad in its case.
    4. Store the iPads in a safe place when not in use or in an iPad storage cart.
    Proper Care, Storage, and Handling of the iPad 
    1. Do NOT set the iPad near liquids or objects of extreme heat. Keep out of direct sunlight and rain.
    2. Do NOT leave your iPad in plain sight, in public, as someone might take it.
    3. When storing the iPad in a cart, make sure all connections and plugs are tight. Avoid other objects that might damage the screen, such as any object with hard, sharp corners.
    4. If you need to clean the screen, use a soft cloth and wipe the screen in a circular motion. Click here for more Directions.