• When we do online research and look for facts to support our written arguments, we have to utilize search engines. 
    Google is the most prominent search engine, but the amount and range of information can often be overwhelming. 
    Below you will find a kid-friendly and, most importantly, SAFE search engine that you can use when doing research. With larger research projects, you will work on sifting through more information and larger databases, but for our purposes and for practicing digital safety and literacy, this engine will help us refine our skills.
    Safe Search Kids: http://www.safesearchkids.com/ 
    Powered by Google, Safe Search enable you to search without having to worry about websites that contain information that may be inappropriate. It also helps to narrow your focus and your search. 

    Remember our guidelines for research:
    1. Check Your Sources- Are your sources accurate and appropriate for your needs? We cannot trust everything we read online and we have to think critically about the sources we use. We ask questions about when the information was written, who write the website, and if the information is in-depth. 
    2. Ask Good Questions- Keep your research questions specific so that you eliminate unnecessary information. For instance, instead of searching, "Animal rights," search for "Animal rights statistics."
    3. Go Beyond the Surface- Continue reading past the first result from the search engine. Often, great information is hidden on page two or three, so be persistent and analyze a few sources before deciding which one to use. Doing this also allows you to check the information you see on websites.
    4. Be Patient- You will often have to do multiple searches to find the information you need. Be patient and continue to refine your search until you are able to locate trustworthy facts that help your research. 
    5. Respect Ownership- We would not want other stealing our work, so we must be respectful of the work of others. When you utilize facts from a website, mark the page and note the author and source so that you can appropriately reference the source in your research/paper.