• 2018-19
    Guidance Lessons:
    Lesson #1: Motivation for the year - My Three Words
    Students will explore the meaning of Motivation and how it plays an important role in our lives, academically, socially and emotionally. Students will also review 'self talk' and how talking to ourselves in a positive manner can improve our motivation and outlook. They will select and design 3 words that they can use throughout the school year to motivate them when challenges arise. 
    Lesson #2: Respect
    Lesson #3: Building Compassion and Empathy
    Students will review and explore the meaning of Empathy and the role it plays in social relationships. 
    Lesson #4: Peer Pressure
    Students will explore peer pressure "tricks", different peer pressure situations, why it's hard to say no!, and how to respond with confidence.
    Lesson #5: My Secret Bully By: Tracy Ludwig
    Students will explore the difference between friendly and hurting teasing. Students will identify 5 different ways to combat teasing and when to ask for help.
    5 Ways to combat teasing handprint
    Students will review how worry can transform into anxiety and impact our daily lives. Students will further discuss healthy coping strategies for anxiety and when/how/from whom to seek help. Students will practice a coping strategy called "Grounding".
    Students explore interests that may lead to eventual secondary education and future careers. Students will begin to work on their first resume.
    Lesson #8: How to handle Rumors and starting "Positive Talk" (Not trouble talk!)
    Whisper down the lane/Telephone game 
    Students write advice for incoming 4th graders