• The purpose of third grade guidance is to help students gain a better understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and actions. Students are encouraged to consider how their behavior impacts the world around them. Lessons are designed to help students recognize and manage feelings in a safe and age appropriate manner. Frequent opportunities for group discussion while respecting individual privacy.
    3rd Grade Guidance Lessons:
    Lesson #1: Building a community/Recognizing positive self attributes
    Each class with work together as a team to create their "class tree". Each class tree will recognize how individual positive attributes rise to the top of the tree and make a happy, healthy community - while the negative attributes fall to the bottom.
     Students will discuss a variety of human feelings and how feelings, in particular anger, can impact themselves and those around them.
    Students will continue to discuss feelings, anger management techniques, and general coping skills.
    Sudents will engage in discussion about how to resolve disagreements appropriately and safely. Not every disagreement is a fight! Disagreements are a part of life and provide room for learning and growth.

    Lesson #5: Sorry! By: Trudy Ludwig

    Students will explore relational situations that require relational problem solving skills. Sorry! guides students in a story about Friendship and Empathy, How to make a meaningful apology to a friend and How apologies can be the first step to repair a friendship.

    Lesson #6: Worrisome to Worry-less - How to Manage Worries. Students will explore personal causes for worry and build a a list of healthy coping skills. 

    Anxiety resources for parents : http://worrywisekids.org 

    Worry and Coping Skills

    Lesson #7: Career Awareness Lesson

    Students will learn how personal interests and strengths can inform future career choices. Ice Cream Shop start up