• Second Grade Guidance Learning Objectives

    The purpose of classroom guidance is to help students better identify, recognize and label emotions in themselves and others. We want them to learn how to manage emotions and difficult situations in healthy ways, how to make healthy choices, about motivating themselves and improving relationships with others.

    Guidance Lessons:
    Lesson #1: Recognizing Positive Self Attributes
    Lesson #2: Introduction to Empathy.  How Do I Stand in Your Shoes?
    Lesson #3: Getting Along with others. Mean Jean the Recess Queen.
    Focus on respect and how we treat others.
    How we appropriately cope and react to different size problems. 
    Lesson #5: Problem Solving: 3 Ways to Solve a Problem
    How we think and share to most appropriately handle social conflict.
    Lesson #6: Don't Feed the Monster on Tuesdays: A story about Self Esteem
    Positive self talk can help self esteem grow. Up goes self esteem, and down goes the monster!
    Lesson # 7: 3rd Grade Transition & Goal Setting
    Oh The Places You'll Go by: Dr. Seuss