• 2018-19 Kindergarten Guidance Lessons
    Lesson #1: Introduction to Counselor: Mr. Potato Head
    Students will engage in an interactive lesson to learn the different roles of NPE's Elementary Counselor. Students will learn about the different ways counselors can help in the school setting. 
    Lesson #2: Whole Body Listening
    Students will learn about Whole Body Listening Larry and how listening involves more than just using our ears!
    Lesson #3: Personal Space Camp by Julia Cook
    Students will listen to a story to help them learn about why personal space is an important part of keeping ourselves and others safe at school.
    Lesson #4: Words are Not for Hurting by Elizabeth Verdick
    Students will listen to a story about how words can affect others feelings. Students will learn the difference between "hurting words" and "helping words".
    Lesson #5: Howard B. Wigglebottom and the Monkey on his back. A Tale about Telling the Truth.
    Students will watch and listen to a story about telling the truth. Lies follow us everywhere! It's always a good choice to be honest.
    Lesson #6: Howard B. Wigglebottom Learns to Get Along
    Students will watch and listen to a story about getting along. Students will learn some key rules about how to get along with friends. In order to have a friend, be a friend!
    Lesson #7: The Crayon Box That Talked: A lesson about appreciating differences.
    Students will listen to a story about how individual differences make us special, and how putting all our differences together make us a great team. If all of us work together we can have fun, be successful, and feel good!