• First Grade Guidance Learning Objectives

    The purpose of classroom guidance is to help students better identify, recognize and label emotions in themselves and others. We want them to learn how to manage emotions and difficult situations in healthy ways, how to make healthy choices, about motivating themselves and improving relationships with others.

    2018-19 Guidance Lessons
    Students will review the many different roles of NPE's School Counselor and different ways the counselor can help in the school setting.
    Lesson #2 - Recognizing Feelings 
    The Way I Feel by: Janan Cain
    Students will learn about different feelings including mad, sad, and happy. Students will begin to explore their emotional reactions to different situations using a "Feelings Thermometer".  
    Students will explore anger more in depth. Tucker the Turtle is introduced through a story which explains a safe way to handle anger through "tuck and think" method.
    Lesson #4 - Wemberly Worried: Scared/Worried feelings
    Students will explore worries more in depth through reading and discussion. 
    Lesson #5 - A Bad Case of the Tattle Tongue by Julia Cook: Tattletales vs. Reporting 
    Remember the Tattle Tongue Rules 
    Students will learn and discuss the very important differences between a tattle and a warning. Students will review when it is absolutely important to report a problem to an adult! 
    Lesson # 6: Making Friends is an Art by Julia Cook: To have a friend, you must BE a friend. Recognizing positive friend-making qualities.
    Lesson #7: Lesson Review & Self Esteem: Howard B. Wigglebottom Listens to His Heart
    In this lesson we learn about how "listening to our hearts" means caring about ourselves and one another.