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    Suggested Math Fact Fluency Practice

    Basic Flashcards
    Make flashcards at home or feel free to also use pre-made flashcards at home. The Dollar Store sells flashcards for all four operations.

    Recommended Apps:

    Fast Facts Math (at Tools for Success Level)

    Math Bingo
    McGraw-Hill Addition Top-It and Subtraction Top-It

    Tools for Success Workbook: 

    Your child can practice saying and/or writing the facts in his/her workbook at the assigned levels.

    Multi-sensory Activities:

    Write facts in sand, shaving cream or sky write facts in the air,  etc.

    Fact fluency notebook: 

    Students can……

    Draw a line down the middle of a page. 

    Draw a line across the middle of the same page. 

    You should now have 4 boxes.

    Write one new math fact is each box.

    Say and re-write the fact in the box 5 times