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     Light Sculpture
    Writing is a challenging subject to learn!  It requires a combination of risk and creativity balanced with a good understanding of the "rules"...
    Below are some "things" to help you write!
    My advice - Be creative FIRST...we can always edit what's on the page, but we can't do anything with a forgotten idea! 
    Purpose: To quickly use 4 random words to write a poem that makes sense!
    The RULES -
    - Must use all 4 words
    - You may CHANGE the form of the word (run = running)
    - No Rhyming!
    - Must be 3 COMPLETE thoughts
    - Must be believable - It has to make sense! 
    Try some on your own - Visit one of these RANDOM WORD GENERATORS to get started!
    The "Like What" List - Use the "Like What" list to help find creative ways of describing what you are writing about...
    Like What List  
    WRITING PLAYGROUND -  Writing should be fun!  We spent some time on the playground stretching our creativity and looking at ways to use the "Like What" list to describe what we see...
    Here is your CHALLENGE!:
    1. Choose 3 Playground objects.
    2.  Take all 3 objects "through the Like What list...
    - Describe each piece like it is something else!
    3.  Write a POEM using ALL 3 objects that you described.
    4.  RULES - 
    - Your poem HAS TO MAKE SENSE!

    Mysteries of Harris Burdick
    Chris Van Allsburg Author Study - Chris Van Allsburg is a wonderful writer/illustrator!  Our 3rd grade students have been doing an Author Study of Chris Van Allsburg.  We are learning as much as we can about the author just by reading his books....

     Here's a revised version of the poem we worked on in class that was INSPIRED BY the playground!
    Fifth Grade - Playground Poem
    In the jungle, 
    Where monkeys swing on vines,
    Lies an abandoned castle.
    Ghosts of soldiers watch from inside their green fortress,
    As the enemy's boats sail off in the distance