What Level Is This Book???
         There are a few different websites where you can attempt to locate the level of the book you'd like to read.  If for some reason you are unable to find the Guided Reading Level (the "letter" level) just make note of the other leveling information you find out about the book and show it to me tomorrow.  Books are read and leveled by actual readers, therefore not all books, especially new ones, are assigned a Guided Reading Level right away.

    You can use the Scholastic's Book Wizard website below. 

    Type in the book's title to find the level of the book (Guided Reading Level)
    You can also use Book Source.  Again, type in the title and then click on the highlighted title and you will see the level.
    Another website that I have recently come across is Perma-Bound School Library.
    This site will create list of books at your current level.  Just check off the criteria you are looking for and click the search button.
    There are also some book leveler apps you can purchase.  Here is one that can be found on iTunes. http://levelitbooks.com/
    Happy Reading!!!