• 6th Grade General Music
    7th Period
    Mr. Pearlberg
    610 764-4794

     Welcome to Mr. Pearlberg’s

    Music Class




    ·      Learn about the music and culture of many different countries from around the world

    ·      Perform multicultural music on instruments

    ·      Compose and improvise music based upon what we have studied

    ·      Review and identify music notation, terms, and rhythms

    ·      Listen, discuss, and analyze music from the United States and from around the world

    ·      Introduction to the guitar

    ·      Introduction to music technology


    Listening Journals


    ·      Periodically you will evaluate and explain through written journals topics related to what is studied in class




    ·      Arrive to class on time.  In the door before the second bell

    ·      Be prepared with class materials

    ·      Participate in all class activities

    ·      Turn in assignments on time

    ·      Be respectful to everyone in the class including adults and fellow students

    ·      Be respectful to the instruments and the classroom environment




    ·      You will be assessed on class participation, completion of assignments, effort, focus, and behavior

    ·      Each student comes into class with varied skills, interest, and experiences.  Your final grade will reflect how you worked to your potential; both individually and in a group.