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    Last year, as a component of my Graduate research on Gifted Education, I conducted a Gifted Program Evaluation.  Thanks to many of my parents and students for their participation.

    Please click the link if you would like to see a copy of my final presentation:  Gifted Program Evaluation


    Mindsets in the Classroom -

    At the annual PAGE (Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education), Mary Cay Ricci shared her research and strategies for developing a Growth Mindset culture in schools.  Along the way, she shared an interesting video that highlights the research done by Carol Dweck on the topic...
    Schedule:  To help the kids manage their time, we will be following an 8-day schedule.  The combination of Subject days and Flex days will help me and the kids manage our various learning activities throughout the year.

    Flex Days  - Plan to work independently in class during CE time.  Be prepared to check in with Mr. M and/or go to his classroom.

    Below are some websites and documents that may be helpful in thinking, planning, teaching and learning with your child... 
    Whenever I find myself with a question related to teaching and education of gifted kids, I feel that the NAGC and PAGE websites are great places to start.  
    Their websites contain lots of resources and ideas to help you begin to get answers. 
    National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) - http://www.nagc.org/ 
    Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Education (PAGE) -  http://www.giftedpage.org/

    Below is an article I read while doing research on Gifted Education over the past year.  
    The author, Joseph Renzulli, presents some interesting ideas and strategies on how best to educate gifted children.
     4-Part Thoery of Giftedness
    *source - Joseph Renzulli, A Four Part Thoery of Talent Development,
       - Gifted Child Quarterly, 2012