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    SHMS Mathematics Department Re-Test Policy and Procedures 
     1.) If a student scores 74% or below on a Chapter Test, that student may take a re-test.
     2.) The re-test will be scheduled 1 week after the test is handed back to all students.
    3.) The best grade a student can receive on a re-test is a 75%. (For example, if a student who takes the re-test scores a 94%, the portal will reflect a 75%)
    4.) This policy is only in effect for Chapter Tests (quizzes are not included).

    Challenge By Choice Assessments

    Here at SHMS, we offer three levels of assessments - Black Diamond, Blue and Green (for those of you who like to ski, you may recognize the names).
    • The Black Diamond Assessments are administered to our Enriched and Accelerated classes - they contain less skill/content problems but more novel-application problems. They are designed to assess deeper understanding of the content; not only the "how to" but the "why".
    • The Blue Assessments are considered on-grade level assessments and are administered to our Math 6 classes. They contain a balance of appropriate skill/content based questions and novel-application problems. 
    • The Green Assessments are designed for our students with learning differences, but cover the same content as a Blue Assessment; they may contain more scaffolding to help the student along while they demonstrate their knowledge.

    Any student in Math 6 may take a Black Diamond Assessment without risk. What that means is if they are not happy with their score/performance on the test, the can re-take the Blue Assessment and receive up to a 100%. This is not considered a re-test (as per the re-test policy outlined above).

    SHMS Mathematics Department Placement Policy and Procedures 
    Use the link below to view the Placement Criteria for Math 6 students:
    Please keep the criteria in mind as we progress throughout the year. We will discuss academic goals and monitor criteria as we move through each marking period!