• 6th Grade Re-Test Procedures 2014-2015
    If a student scores a 74% or lower on the test, the student will have an option to take a re-test.  Guidelines are below.

    1. Students must make corrections to their original test ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER and have them checked by the teacher.  Students should write the problem out and show ALL work and thinking.
    2. Students have 1 week to take a re-test. (Given on "Testing Tuesday" after school) 
    3. The highest score a student can earn is 75% on the re-test.
      For example: If you got a 60% on the first test, and 100% on the re-test, your score is 75%.(even though that averages out to 80%)
    **Please note, we do not offer this for a quiz.  This procedure only applies to a test.