• 7th Grade Math Supplies for Mrs. Burns' Class



    All students will be required to have the following items on a daily basis:
    • separate Math Binder (1 1/2 in. or 2 in binder)
    • Spiral Graph Notebook (additional may be needed throughout the year) 
    • PLENTY of Pencils/Erasers
    • 6" Ruler
    • 5 Dividers labeled as follows:
      • Homework (HW)
      • Classwork (CW)
      • Test/Quiz (T/Q)
      • Critical Thinking (CT)
      • Other (O)
    • Pencil Pouch (large enough to hold calculator, ruler and pencils/erasers)
    • Post-It Notes (square)
    • Jumbo Book Cover (or paper bag/wrapping paper is fine)
    • Calculator (Any version of TI-30 scientific calculator)
    • Box of Tissues, Roll of Paper Towels or Container of Clorox Wipes
    Parents:  If anyone wishes to donate Expo Markers to the Classroom, our students use personal white boards and markers to solve problems. This is a ton of fun for the students!

    We appreciate your help!!

    Thanks!  ~Mrs. Burns